2D/3D Laser and Galvo Controller – DLC Series EZCAD3

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    Laser and Galvo Controller Board for 2D and 3D Laser Marking and Other Applications with Galvo

    DLC2 series is the new generation of laser controller developed by JCZ, which works with EZCAD3 software. It can control most of the fiber laser in the market directly and other types of laser sources such as CO2, UV, Green, Picosecond and Femtosecond can also be controlled via a small interface board.
    It is also compatible with the 2 axis and 3D axis laser galvo scanner with both XY2-100 and SL2-100 (A small interface board needed) protocols.
    It will replace the LMC controller, which works with EZCAD2 software, and become one of the most-used controllers for laser marking, welding, cutting, and other types of laser processing with galvo scanner.

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    What is the difference between DLC2-M4-2D and DLC2-M4-3D?

    DLC2-M4-2D and DLC2-M4-3D both work with EZCAD3 software. The only difference between them is to be able to control 3 axis laser galvo scanner to processing on 3D surface or not.

    What types of lasers can be controlled by DLC card?

    DLC card can control common laser types on the market.

    Regarding special laser models, JCZ has designed 5 extend boards according to customer market requirements.

    STD: CO2/YAG with STD extend board

    YLPE: with YLPE extend board

    SPI: with SPI extend board

    QCW: with QCW((include 5V&24V)) extend board


     Controller DLC2-M4-2D DLC2-M4-3D
    Communication USB2.0
    Compatible Laser Standard: Fiber
    Interface board for other types of laser
    DLC-FIBER-E: IPG TypeE Laser
    DLC-SPI: SPI Laser
    DLC-STD: CO2, UV, Green Laser...
    DLC-QCW5V: CW or QCW Laser requires 5V control signal.
    DLC-QCW24V: CW or QCW Laser requires 24V control signal.
    Note: Lasers with some brands or models may need special signals, a manual is needed to confirm the right controller.
    Compalitable Galvo 2 axis galvo 2 axis and 3 axis Galvo
     Standard: XY2-100 Protacal
    Optional: SL2-100 Protacal,16 bit,18 bits and 20 bits galvo.
    Extending Axis Standard: 4 axis Control  (Pul/Dir Signals)
    I/O 10 TTL Inputs, 8 TTL/OC Outputs
    LaserErr signal Yes
    Remark Signal Yes
    Encoder Signals One
    Power Supply 12V 3A
    Dimension 130mm*133mm

    Product Dimension

    2D Drawing
    2D Drawing


    Download Center

    Controller Hardware Manual

    DLC2-M4-2D Manual

    DLC2-M4-3D Manual

    DLC2 Interface Board Manual

    Controller Driver

    DLC2-M4-2D Driver

    DLC2-M4-3D Driver

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