PCIE Interface Laser and Galvo Controller LMCPCIE Series

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    PCIE Interface Laser and Galvo Controller for Laser Marking, Etching, Engraving...

    PCI-E interface laser and galvo controller connects the motherboard of an industrial PC directly, which greatly enhances the stability of the connection. This controller is widely equipped with laser equipment with galvo (Marking, engraving, welding, cutting, etching...) for automated production lines.

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    What is the difference between USB card and PCIE card?

    Different connection and power supply methods: PCI-Express and USB

    Different Input signal: PCE 6 input/ USB 12 input

    Different Output signal: PCE 2 Output/ USB 8 Output

    When will JCZ stop the production of PCI controller?

    In 2020, JCZ officially stopped the upgrade of EZCAD2 and PCI controllers. We will continue to produce them.


    Compalitable Software EZCAD2.14.11
    Comunication PCI-E
    Compalitable Laser Fiber CO2, UV, YAG, Green...
    Note: Lasers with some brands or model may need special
    signals, a manual is needed to confirm the right controller.
    Compatible Galvo With XY2-100 Protocol
    Extending Axis 1 Axis Control  (Pul/Dir Signals)
    LaserErr Signal Yes
    Remark Signal Yes
    Encoder Signals One
    Power Supply 5V from PC
    I/O 6 General TTL input signals,2 General TTL Outputs 10 General TTL input signals,8 General TTL Outputs
    Typical Application 2D Laser Marking
    Marking on The Fly
    Rotary Laser Marking
    Laser Welding with Galvo
    Laser Cutting with Galvo
    Laser Cleaning with Galvo
    other laser processing with Galvo.

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    2D Drawing


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